350+ Videos of Vital Fitness Education

Our online Personal Training School allows you to watch, study, learn and become a certified, qualified, and highly requested personal training specialist. OR…Just advance your current education and excel!

Personal Trainer Certification Online Education Course  
Video-Based  Lesson Plans filmed @ our Personal Training School / Academy

Want to become a certified personal trainer? More importantly, you want to be qualified. Fit-Pros personal training school explains the difference between a personal trainer who buys a book, goes to a weekend workshop to take a test, VS.  personal trainers who get certified and learn from a nationally recognized 30 year director of a personal training school.   Dave Parise, president of one of the most successful HANDS ON personal training centers, and personal training schools in the country. This online education course for personal training, is taught by Fit-Pros Personal Training School in CT. We bring this to you online. We will help get you certified, qualified and requested Personal Trainer with Fitpros Personal Training School. 

What You Will Learn

Online Personal Training school certification course, you will learn:

  • (VIDEO BASED) Specific and dynamic integrated exercises filmed at our personal training school / Academy.
  • To delineate between exercise science and “gym talk.”
  • Over 350 exercise videos with our students- specific to goal needs and engineering of the body, and levels of control.
  • The ability to interact, perform verbal and tactile cues with your clients.
  • A complete understanding of specific joint functions and range of motion.
  • Real world hands on application, how to do, and why not to do.

Why Fit-Pros? How is it different?
Why advance your education with Fit-Pro’s?
The Exercise Experience and Functional Continuum
Certificate Program Overview

6-Step Personal Training School Education Course

Our Online Personal Training school will excel you to be certified.  Our syllabus is broken up into 6 steps and is equipped with an arsenal of video based information for you to watch and learn. Become certified, or just learn more than you did with your last personal trainer certification. Take your time & study this material over 90-120 days. The condensed personal trainer  course is a condensed learning curve designed to deliver the knowledge that you require to become the Best of certified personal trainers – objective facts, science, and human anatomy. No hype. No fads. No cheesy routines. No You-tube education. No monkey see monkey do!

Become a Certified Requested Personal Trainer & Earn More

Personal trainers who visually learn based on they feel it, or by text book, You-tube, Bodybuilding websites, or the guy/ girl who looks amazing, or an occasional weekend workshops are what we call Rent-a buddies. Fit Pros personal training school / Academy is taught  by experts at the top of the industry, moreover are making large six digit revenue streams. Fit-Pros Personal Training School graduates are doing just that. Fit-Pros personal training & education course online is a condensed learning curve. You will be requested by the middle-to-upper class sophisticated , corporate, educated consumer. Employer’s seek qualified personal trainers with practical hands on learning experience more than just passing a test. Fit-Pros Personal Training School online is for the serious, dedicated novice-to-the advanced personal trainers looking to become a certified, qualified, requested professional.

Get your Personal Training Certificate and become a certified personal trainer, and highly requested? Start Today!

  Personal Training School on line Worldwide Accreditation- If you reside in CT, or any other part of the world.  Fit-Pros can help you supplement your current Job. If you are a personal trainer, you can join this program to enhance your current fitness and/or personal training skills. Thank you.