Ready to become a certified qualified personal trainer and in high demand?

Join the FitPro’s Personal Training School online certification program to become a certified personal trainer! Here you will be presented with multiple tasks, and an arsenal of video based information to watch and master. This information will be your lifeline to becoming a highly efficient, confident, certified, qualified professional personal trainer that people ask for by name. Get your Personal Trainer certificate.

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Course Duration: 90-120 days
Registration Fee: $195.97

Online Course Syllabus to Become a Certified Personal Trainer

Step 1

Register and retain for your enrollment to our Fit-Pro’s Academy online certification / certificate  course.

Step 2

Download and read your free copy of Certified vs. Qualified by Dave Parise.

Step 3

Read and study the course material on the Fit-Pro’s Academy website blog.

Step 4

Watch all anatomy lesson plan videos while researching terms you are unfamiliar with.

Step 5

Watch all Fit-Pro’s Academy live hands-on lesson plan videos in their entirety. Write up to a paragraph for each video stating what you learned and how it’s different from what you currently know.

Step 6

Contact director to set up your live Skype interview. You will be interviewed for 60-90 min. reviewing videos, demonstrating, your knowledge of the material.


What happens if I pass the certification course?

If you pass the Fit-Pro’s online certification course, you will receive

  • A framed certification certificate of qualification / diploma mailed directly to you.*
  • A letter of recommendation for the employer.
  • A complete breakdown of the course syllabus and lesson plans of what you’ve studied throughout the 90-120 day course from the Director of Fit-Pros Personal Training School / Academy.
  • You can add these to your resume or send them to an employer to validate your knowledge in the personal training field.
  • You can rest assured that these documents will be above and beyond what any employer has seen from other personal training courses.

* A $10 shipping charge will be applied to receive your glass framed certificate.

What happens if I need work?

If you do not pass the Fit-Pro’s online certification course, no worries -you will have 30-days to re-visit the material in which you need work and participate in a second interview with the Director of Fit-Pro’s Personal Training School / Academy. You will pass the second time around!