Step 6 Live Skype Interview

Your Objective:

Contact Director of Education Mr. Parise via one of the methods below to set up a final Skype Interview where you will be evaluated on the knowledge acquired by the course. You will review all course material and will be asked questions about each subject. At the end, you will be given a “Pass” or “Needs Work” grade.

Email:  (“Fit Pro Interview” as the subject line.)
Skype: davepar13 (Send friend request.)
Voxer: dparis386 /
Facebook: /fitprosacademy (Leave private message.)

What happens if I pass the certification course?

If you pass the Fit-Pro’s online certification course, you will receive a glass framed cert/diploma directly to your door- A letter of recommendation and a complete breakdown of the course syllabus and lesson plans of what you’ve studied throughout the 90-day course from the Director if Fit-Pros Personal Training School / Academy. You can add these to your resume or send them to an employer to validate your knowledge in the personal training field. You can rest assured that these documents will be above and beyond what any employer has seen from other personal training courses.

What happens if I need work?

If you do not pass the Fit-Pro’s online certification course, you will have 30-days to re-visit the material in which you need work and participate in a second interview with the Director of Fit-Pro’s Personal Training School / Academy. No worries you will pass 30 days later. We want you to be successful, and confident.