Our program is so well respected that employers call us regularly, to interview our students. We actually email at your request our lesson plan, and a letter of recommendation to further assist your personal objectives. We like talking to anyone to validate your education.

Our ultimate goal at FPTA is to send our highly skilled and knowledgeable graduates to a better position than their past experiences.  We recognize that your ultimate goal as a Fit-Pro student is to get a great job as a personal fitness trainer when you complete the certificate. So, it’s only natural that we take the time to assist you as you look for a career change.

Demand is growing for qualified fitness professionals, and employment is expected to continue increasing at a rate “much faster than the average for all occupations” (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014-2016). Through individual career guidance, employer networking, and FPTA events, we make a point of doing everything we can to ensure that FPTA graduates have ample opportunity for placement into fulfilling and engaging personal trainer jobs.

Individual Career Guidance

FPTA has its own in-house Placement Coordinator who not only stays on top of current employment opportunities and trends, but is also available to each and every student and graduate for individual career guidance. Individual services include:

  • resume and cover letter assistance
  • interview skills coaching
  • student-opportunity match facilitation
  • student-employer network liaison
  • other forms of placement-related support

FPTA Placement Coordinators are available by landline, and email.

Employer Networking

FPTA maintains an expansive and growing network of employers who are continually looking for talented, knowledgeable and career-minded personal trainers. As an FPTA graduate with a personal trainer degree, our employer network becomes your employer network. Please contact us and ask how we can help you by calling facilities nationwide for you! 

An additional career resource: your instructor

 FPTA are a well-connected and experienced, making us excellent sources of information when it comes to sorting through career possibilities. Most of us have been fitness managers or business owners themselves, so they know first-hand what fitness industry employers are looking for and what it takes to be successful. Students are encouraged to contact Fit Pros Academy for advice and/or references during their job search. Your director will be glad to help!