Fit-Pros Academy specializes in education for fitness professionals across the country. Fit-pros Academy main objective is to create a comprehensive curriculum for personal trainers, those looking to become personal trainers, those who wish to continue their education as personal trainers.  Approved and Licensed which gives our students a competitive edge because when they graduate our program they have the necessary foundation for employment. In addition to the Fit-Pros Academy Diploma/ certification, students will receive a letter of recommendation to add to their Resume. At Fit Pros we actually call the employer to assist, if you request for validation of education. Employers look for an advanced program and recognize specialty courses for pay increases.

  •   FitPros dedication to research allows us to expose trainers to the most cutting edge information available.
  • We teach Anatomy and Kinesiology and how it relates to the personal training field. This prepares future trainers to be proficient in the knowledge of the bones, muscles, and body systems and how to apply this information in a real working environment. This is the foundation that separates our students from those who take a weekend course. (Test passers) Knowing how the body functions and exactly where the muscles are located will lead to exceptional problem solving in any area of the health and fitness field.
  • Our program is designed to give trainers the tools to be successful for any employer or in their own business.  Students will have the ability to be immersed into our professional fitness culture and learn in a real life environment. We call it “In the trenches learning” Real world application will excel you to the highest level as a personal trainer. You can’t learn that in a text book, or an open book test on-line.

1- Condensed learning curve:

  • This is a complete education program for students / Personal Trainers looking for a career in fitness and includes:
    • Foundation for understanding Anatomy and Kinesiology
    • FPTA certification
    • Resistance Profiles
    • Progressions regressions
    • Verbal and Tactile ques
    • Nationally recognized License #540 continuing education courses
    • Certified VS. Qualified free download
    • Interviews for students that successfully complete the program.
    • Courses are held privately, and on line.

2-Students will learn:

  • How to safely administer exercise to a variety of clients
  • Over 350 videos filmed at Fit Pros Academy
  • Fundamentals of human movement
  • General anatomy and function
  • Proper evaluation techniques and testing
  • Program design for the general population
  • Basics on working with injured clients and preventing injury
  • General sports program design
  • Exercise progression
  • Stretching techniques and application
  • Training special populations
  • How to apply text book information to real life situations
  • How to find and retain clients
  • What employers expect from a good trainer

We strive for excellence in all that we do, and it is up to you to dedicate yourselves to achieving the same goal!

Synergy of Human Movement Fit-Pros Course


This entire course was designed to teach the foundation of science with respect to movement. Students will truly learn and understand the mechanics, functional anatomy, and muscles behind every day movements & sport movements. They will also learn how to visually assess the entire body, understand respective findings from the assessment, and then implement training solutions. Further, they will understand training, training programs, and have the ability to design training programs. The course also teaches common movement dysfunctions, rehabilitation, and training recommendations based on scientific data. Students will understand the ‘why’ behind everything, with information and evidence from research and practical application.

Dave Parise CPT FPTA MES

National Education Provider License #540 Advanced Application Program (ATP)

Director of Education @Fit-Pros Academy / School

Approved Provider NASM

Approved Provider NFPT