Certificate vs. Certification

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Did you know that a certification is an objective third party activity? It cannot be associated with the learning part of a program. This raises a few questions doesn’t it? The hands on learning, or video based learning is an objective to teach someone something in a specific area. If an organization is providing training for the purpose to learn exactly what to do with a client, they are not objective anymore they are biased. For that reason I have a certificate training program that’s an accredited education program that has a particular assessment. The assessment is either throughout the training, or at the end of the training. There is not a training program that can use the “term/word” certification or certified. The government side and private sector laws make it clear. Trainers who are certified have no application or hands on experience as they become certified. By law when you use the term certification it’s just an exam pass or fail. By law when you say certificate it means you have educated yourself with the fundamentals, and hands on experience valued to become a qualified personal trainer. Did you know there are American national standards, and international standards dictating what certificate and what certification means. These are not standards that we follow because we like them…we follow them because they are laws. Did you know that an employer cannot deny you employment if you are not certified? There is no mandate in the USA that states you need one. They may require one, however that’s by choice, not law. There is a well-known certification organization who was denied accreditation years ago. They were told to “get their act together” because they were using the term “Certificate” and it was not associated with any exercise application. The hammer came down and they had to re-establish their accreditation because certificate can only be used in conjunction with training, not an exam/ written test, or textbook. It is common to say certified, but it’s only the exam, and does not teach anyone the exercise one needs to know in regards to hands on training. However it’s a free country you can do whatever you think works for you. Will reading a book, and taking an exam make you a great trainer? Will the exam give you the ability to understand what exercises to do, (in a specific resistance profile) for an anterior pelvic tilt, protracted shoulder, foreword head posture, patella femoral joint pain, tennis elbow? Will the exam show you, or tell you what not to do in the resistance profile that will lead to more muscular imbalances? We need you to ask yourself this. If you are an intellect and really want to learn what to do, what not to do, and shine as a professional then www.fitprospersonaltrainingschool.com is the Trainers choice. If you want to be the best in your region / facility with the highest pay scale, and happiest clients…then www.fitprospersonaltrainingschool.com is your choice.

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