FPTA Director of Education
Dave Parise, C.P.T. F.P.T.A. M.E.S.

“I am proud to be the Director of Education for FPTA. Over the past thirty years I have had the opportunity to study, apply, and teach exercise science–with a heavy concentration on bio-mechanics and safety standards. I have built my reputation through my analysis of exercise and movement and the equipment used in physical training. I have developed tools and methods to assure the application of optimal, safe forces on the bodies of clients and athletes. I take pride in being a fitness professional who is up-to-date with changing philosophies. Moreover, my strong attention to detail has helped numerous clients, athletes, professional trainers and organizations achieve their fitness goals.

  • Founder of Results Plus Personal Training Center opened in 1986 – www.resultsplus.com
  • Founder of Fit Pros Personal Training / Fit-Pro Academy ( FPTA ) 1993 – www.fitprospersonaltrainingschool.com
  • Launched Fixmyfitnessclub.com – the How to’s and Why not’s of exercise, with meal prepping in the kitchen with “Eat Great in 8”
  • Inducted in to the National Fitness Hall of Fame 2012 Top 20 list
  • One of the Top 100 personal trainers in America 2012
  • Selected as one of the Most Influential Personal Trainers of all time 2012
  • Featured in Golf Digest- 2000 / 2001-Front cover- feature story
  • Selected as one of the Top 15 industry leaders from the US and Canada by the Association of Fitness Professionals / IDEA
  • Published in or featured in articles: The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Golf Digest, (Cover 2x) Connecticut Magazine, Status Connecticut, World Traveler, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, IDEA Personal Trainer magazine, Blogger Huff Post.
  • Spotlighted on WTNH News Channel 8 – “Fitness Fridays” with Dave Parise, Fox Networks’ “Dave Parise’s Corporate Health Tip of the Week”,  and “Wake up your Workout” with Dave Parise WTNH
  • Wrote “Certified vs Qualified” “The next level” and “Anatomical Profitability” The art of prospecting” for Fitness Professionals.
  • Completed numerous advanced level certifications including National Academy of Sports Medicine – American Council of Exercise, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Fit-Pros Academy, Resistance Training School Level 1 and 2 – Currently a National Education Provider for NASM License #540 Currently National Education Provider for NFPT National Federation Of Fitness Professionals.
  • Board reviewed and pending- ANSI/ IACET national accreditation pending approval 2017