Matt Moeckel

I'm one of the trainers at Latitude Sports Club. I was going to be attending this past weekend's FitPro seminar. I must say that I was greatly impressed with what I learned in 8 short hours! Now, I have a good deal of formal education in the fitness field; more so than a lot of trainers I've come across. But in all honesty, the seminar that Dave Parise conducted earlier this year was much more useful than any class I've taken. Prior to this first seminar, I was already beginning to become frustrated working in the industry; Latitude being my first job out of school. I felt as though I was stagnating and was even asking myself if this was the right career for me. I don't know how exactly to explain it, but that seminar felt almost like a keystone that put everything that I've already learned together. Since then, I have completely changed my training style, I've witnessed great results from all of my clients, I have retained every single one of my clients since, and I've actually on several occasions had people come up to me and ask for training. It's been over a month since I've really been prospecting on the floor or making cold calls (and yes, I know I still should be).
Matt Moeckel,

Michelle M. Coppola

I realized a certification is not as important as really knowing how to train. I have three certifications, however, I never was taught hands on. The knowledge I gained from Fit-Pro's Academy brought me to a new level.
Michelle M. Coppola

Jimmy Cox

More informative, the most hands on course I ever taken. I now have a more functional thinking process.
Jimmy Cox

Mark Baselice

More hands on, and that's why I am a trainer to learn application. I was floored with biomechanics, load lines, opposition, and different movement patterns.
Mark Baselice

Linda Frost

Positively more knowledge about personal training, and joint function than any other course I attended. I now feel more empowered to train my clients, intuitively rather than memorizing an exercise pattern.
Linda Frost

Greg Murphy

Based on the way the body works under resistance, I now know how to create exercises. I walked away really thinking.
Greg Murphy

Mark Konopka

I most definitely have learned a vast amount of application, more so than any other weekend seminar!
Mark Konopka

Nick Tumminello

I am writing this in behalf of Dave Parise. As a Coach/Trainer, I associate with a select group of educators, and coaches. I am the owner of Performance University International, which provides hybrid strength training & conditioning for athletes and professional educational programs for fitness professionals all over the world. There are a select few professionals who have impressed me along my career. Dave Parise from CT. is one of the best in my eyes. Mr. Parise is more than an educator, he is innovative, with the ability to provide hands on “Optimal application” solutions for fitness professionals, and athletes. He has the ability to breakdown today’s questionable/ common exercise practices, and teach safer, more bio-mechanically sound techniques based on principles of joint function. Anyone, from a professional athlete to a fitness enthusiast would do very well to train, and learn under the guidance of Fit-Pros Academy from Dave Parise.
Nick Tumminello,
Performance University International

Fraser Quelch, Director of Training & Development

Dave Parise from Results Plus and Fit-Pro's Academy has been an avid supporter of our company, Fitness Anywhere and our TRX Suspension Training program for some time. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Dave at a major conference in New York City. Dave volunteered to assist me with a number of my presentations at the ECA Fitness convention. I was highly impressed by his ability to be thrown into a series of unfamiliar sessions and provide outstanding education with minimal preparation. I feel that Dave is an outstanding teacher and educator with a profound knowledge of human function. I would recommend anyone who wanted to excel in the personal training industry to work closely with Dave and tap into his wealth of knowledge.
Fraser Quelch, Director of Training & Development,
Fitness Anywhere, Inc.

Cris Poirier, General Manager

As General Manager of Perform Better Functional Training equipment, I cannot express how happy I am with the knowledge that Fit-Pro's Personal Training School has to offer. Dave Parise is a "top notch educator." One thing that stands out the most to employers, fitness directors, and certified trainers is Fit-Pro's ability to help the trainer increase revenue streams by motivating the staff. This increase benefits the trainer as well as the club. Dave has taken common perception to a new level of functional fitness. I recommend his course to anyone who no longer want to be a common trainer. Get ready for an eye opening experience!
Cris Poirier, General Manager,
Perform Better

Sandy Todd Webster, Editor in Chief

Dave Parise of Fit-Pro’s Personal Training School and Results Plus has been an IDEA Health & Fitness Association member for over 24 years. He has assisted us as an editorial resource on many occasions and has always represented the industry at large in a very positive light. He has been generous with his time and has done many good things for his community and for the industry in general. I recommend him as an educator, and a provider.
Sandy Todd Webster, Editor in Chief,
IDEA Publications

Douglas S. Brooks, MS, Exercise Physiologist

Dave Parise is an accomplished teacher and an outstanding educator. His creative and leading edge training methodologies greatly influence how professionals teach and coach their clients/athletes. Dave is on the front edge of the functional training frontier and truly knows how to bridge this new information into practical, useable application. Dave continues to build on his twenty-two years of training and education. His body of work represents a major contribution to the fitness industry!
Douglas S. Brooks, MS, Exercise Physiologist,
Moves International Fitness

Peter and Kathie Davis, Co-Founders

IDEA Health & Fitness Association the world’s leading membership organization of health and fitness professionals with nearly 20,000 members in more than 80 countries, highlights Dave Parise of Results Plus and Fit-Pro's Personal Training School in Hamden, CT. For the past 24 years, Dave Parise has mixed attention to detail with an obsessive focus on nurturing and pampering to keep his business fresh and his clients motivated. On the cutting edge, and out-of-the-box attitude gave Dave Parise a spot light in the winner’s circle! Dave Parise has been voted one of the counties premier personal trainers by numerous publications.
Peter and Kathie Davis, Co-Founders,
IDEA Health & Fitness Association

Steve Cotter, Director

I am pleased to endorse Dave Parise for his Kettlebell and Personal Training course at Fit-Pro's Personal Training Academy (FPTA). Dave is a highly qualified CKT who brings a great deal of practical expertise to the art of teaching kettlebells and physical training. He will show you exactly what you need to do, and will make sure that you are dong it exactly right. For 25 years, Dave Parise has been on the cutting edge, experienced, and is truly in the forefront of the competition!
Steve Cotter, Director,
International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF)

Richard Diana, M.D.

Training for athletic performance has evolved considerably over the last 1/2 century. As a former NFLer (Miami Dolphins 1982-3) who lived through the archaic high-risk years of "benching and squatting" and as a present day sports medicine orthopedic surgeon, I know the toll inappropriate training can have on the human body. Fast forward to 2012 and cutting edge athletic training is radically different from the past. Training techniques are intimately coupled to risk benefit analysis in order to help athletes get strong, fast and stay safe. A well-conditioned, buffed athlete on the verge of injury is exactly what we are trying to avoid. And this is the perfect segue for me to introduce Dave Parise, an experienced strength and conditioning trainer who I have known professionally for over 20 years. Dave is the antithesis to the "bench, clean and squat" trainers of the years past. He is meticulous in his attention to training techniques and a staunch believer in applying risk benefit analysis to the goals of individual athletes. Maintaining flexibility while improving ballistic strength and reaction time is his forte. And he does this while keeping athletes free from training related injuries. I have lectured as a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon at Dave's Training Center and I have trained with Dave on many occasions. I have also seen his expertise work with athletes rehabilitating from orthopedic surgery. Dave is one of those unique trainers who believes in efficient, safe training and has the science background to use state of the art techniques to back up his recommendations. I believe Dave's expertise and people skills would work well for professional athletes.
Richard Diana, M.D.,
Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists