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The Exercise Experience and Functional Continuum

By February 18, 2016January 19th, 2017About Fit-Pro's Personal Training School

The Exercise Experience and the Functional Continuum™

“Lunges are functional and lying leg curls are non-functional.” The biggest trend in exercise is functional exercise. Gym and fitness center trainers have been set up and sides have been chosen. The division between functional exercise and nonfunctional exercise in fact does not exist. What is this word function? Guess what the preacher bench is functional, if I want to be better at the preacher bench. I don’t know why anyone would want to be better at a preacher bench, however you get my point. In reality there is no barrier dividing one type of exercise from another. There is no such thing as a “wrong” exercise just a risk and benefit ratio. The truth is that there is a spectrum or a continuum between user-controlled and machine guided. Knowing how to create everything in between and when to use each is a perspective and skill that most benefits our clients.

“Fit-Pros Personal Trainer School  helped me to learn about Exercise Mechanics and I came away learning to THINK!”
—Course evaluation

In the end, all the facts in the world can’t help if you don’t learn how to apply them.
•Some trainers appear incredibly intelligent because they can quote an impressive array of facts and figures, but that doesn’t remotely help the client.

•The key to application is thinking, reasoning, understanding the harmful effects that improper exercises can create. We must apply a series of actions that allows our clients to generate appropriate scenario-specific force applications, motions, positions, equipment decisions, and strategic variations. This is the skill of the thought Process.

•“Everybody’s different…” In truth, you can’t change the body and the way it functions. This fact will affect your decision-making process.

•It’s entirely up to you based on science, a feeling, or what your buddies doing. We / You pick the science, or you would not be here!

Always remember -Ultimately, it’s not about certification… it’s about application! ™ You are going to be a requested trainer! I believe in you, and your ability to think outside the typical box of trainers. WELCOME to the most in depth real world, visual lesson plans for anyone in, or looking to be in the personal training industry.

Dave Parise National Education Provider License #540 Advanced Application (ATP)



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