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Why choose Fit-Pro’s Personal Training School

By February 18, 2016January 19th, 2017About Fit-Pro's Personal Training School

You can get certified with an open book on-line if you choose to do so. Only you have to live with the fact that it was not that difficult to pass the test. Fit-Pros Academy is 30 years strong, World wide recognized, the only visual hands on learning course on the internet today. We apply real world hands on visual learning right from our school in CT. Below are just some of the reason why Employers, and your clients will “see” and “feel” the difference with a Fit-pros Qualified / Certified Trainer. 

What is a Fit-Pro? Besides the fact that I will take you to the optimal level of a professional trainer…please read below.

A Fit-Pro is 25% certification and 75% qualified to train. Or… One part text book…and three parts application.

A Fit-Pro knows the difference between buying a book from a popular organization, VS getting a visual hands on application study course.

A Fit-Pro knows that personal trainer certifications are not required or mandated anywhere!

A Fit-Pro understands that knowledge is far superior then a Youtube education, or some open book test.

A Fit-Pro will soon learn why employers, and clients know the difference between weekend seminar and test passers, and qualified fitness professionals.

A Fit-Pro helps you feel better today than you did yesterday by strengthening your body.

A Fit-Pro works with you one-on-one in qualitative workout sessions.

A Fit-Pro helps your self-esteem grow as your confidence increases.

A Fit-Pro is the key that unlocks the door to opportunity and success developed through physical, emotional and mental fitness.

A Fit-Pro prepares and leads you through a safe and optimal workout, which not only makes you feel better, but also helps you commit to an active living plan.

A Fit-Pro is not a luxury, but a necessity. A commitment to your health and fitness future.

A Fit-Pro helps you triumph over procrastination and laziness.

A Fit-Pro follows up the day after the workout to ask, “How are you feeling?”

A Fit-Pro continues his education by researching the latest information in our industry and attending seminars on customer service.

A Fit-Pro never performs a movement pattern with a client that he just learned at a
weekend seminar. He will always break down the components, micro-progress, and
determine the risk-benefit ratio specific to the present physical condition of the client.

A Fit-Pro always answers questions to the best of his current education. If you are unsure, tell the client that you will research the answer and have it for them on their next visit. Respect and professionalism will win over a wild guess.

A Fit-Pro is not a rent-a-buddy or someone who looks at their biceps in the mirror while a client is performing the last two reps. Fit-Pros do not carry cell phones (except the clients’ that you are holding). There are no silent reps. There is an excessive amount of “GREAT JOB!” “I am proud of you!” and “Hold that posture verbally thrown all around the room.

In conclusion, you will learn firsthand how to create a win-win situation, which will increase client adherence, compliance, renewals and earning power. It all comes down to writing your own financial ticket.

I hope you’re excited! We promise to guide and support you all the way! Wait until you see the content of a 30 year business.

I am Dave Parise the Director of Education for Fit-Pros Academy. I am always here to answer questions. My email is Please wait 2 days for a response. Always use Fit-Pros Question as the subject. 

Thank you!

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